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Children’s Day gifts for children: edumantoys educational toys and slime slime DIY toy making

It won’t be long before Children’s Day, the neighbor’s children
I gave the editor a slime as a good gift
I look at this slimy thing
i’m really not interested at all
Mainly because the first time I saw it I thought it was too disgusting
The yellow and green ones look like snot!

But the kids are genuinely obsessed with it!
Almost every supermarket in Australia has it on the toy aisle
Not to mention the toy store…
I am very confused, is it really so fun?
I just want to share this little toy with you today.
What is its magic?

Where the hell is slime?

A slime is a fictional creature found in games and novels
Its popular image is a jelly or semi-liquid
opaque or translucent body
Monsters that can change shape, split or fuse
So when it came to reality it became a slime…mud

The slime as a toy is actually a kind of advanced mud
A more accurate term is called foam glue
It is highly malleable, similar to mud or dough
without getting your hands dirty

Variety of slimes
Depending on the feel and blending materials
It can be subdivided into thousands of silk mud, granular mud, volcanic mud, etc.
All kinds of things


The right way to play slime


when you hold a lump of mud in your hand
You definitely feel in control of it
You don’t really need to breathe life into it
Even if it’s just a casual grab
feel a similar sense of accomplishment

because of your will and actions
Mud obediently changes shape
This is a clear and intuitive visual
It tells your brain that you can wield power over the outside world

kids love mud
Because they feel the world directly from this game
and experience the excitement of changing the world for the first time



no matter how big
After seeing the snow that is finely and neatly spread on the ground
Man’s first instinct is always to break it—
Step on your feet, lie down, grab a handful of snowballs
form doesn’t matter

The appearance of slime broke the limitation of the site conditions
The highlight moment of playing slime is undoubtedly when pressing the first finger
from this moment on

A box of exquisitely shaped slimes gradually turns into homogeneous mud
The lines of those shapes disappear
Mix colors from different fills together
Your stress and desire to destroy are also swallowed up by the mud



in youtube slime video
There is a keyword worth noting – “amr”
Explosive slime with bubbles inside is one of the most popular varieties of slime
In the process of squeezing the explosive mud
The slime makes a continuous light popping sound
It can be called the most beautiful lullaby for ear-bombing suitors

Are the ingredients in this slime safe?

fun is fun

But the question that many parents are most concerned about is:
Are the ingredients in this slime safe?

Indeed, it has borax among its main ingredients
Exposure to high concentrations of borax may
Cause short-term allergy, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms

However, the so-called high concentration is very, very difficult to encounter
in daily life
Borax is widely used in shampoos, bath salts, and gels
As long as you don’t overdo it, there’s nothing wrong with it.


How to Make “No Borax” Slime


If you are a parent who still has a grudge against borax
You can try the following “Borax-free homemade slime” from Ou Ma

Prepare materials:

White glue, contact lens care solution
Baking soda, (care solution baking soda instead of borax)
Squeeze white glue into the basin first

Then pour contact lens care solution into the basin

Then mix it by hand

Then pour in the baking soda and continue stirring


Stir until it forms and it doesn’t stick to your hands

Then we can put the slime in the airtight box
Just take it out when you want to play
After playing learning toys for kids girl and boys, parents remember to remind children to wash their hands!

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