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DIY Easter eggs, so many ideas for children to try!!

it’s almost easter

a religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of jesus

It’s also a festival where you can have fun with Easter eggs.


Today, let’s play various Easter egg DIY

15 different ways to play Easter eggs get up


1 hand painted egg

Friends who like to draw since childhood, don’t miss the hand-painted eggs

Pick up the paintbrush and paint in your hand, and use the egg as a canvas

Draw a beautiful pattern, and even give it to others as a gift

Add more fun to life with these easter eggs

Of course, the most important thing is in this way

To exercise children’s painting skills and enhance painting interest

2 watercolor eggs

Dress up white eggs in colorful costumes

It is one of the most commonly played games at Easter. Use watercolors to make a smudge effect

The light blue of the sky, the deep blue of the sea…

You can try all kinds of colors with watercolors and then hang the finished Easter eggs on the tree for decoration. It is simple and fun for the occasion.


3 Eggshell Candles


I don’t know when it became a tradition to play with various eggs at Easter

Evolves over time and through various exchanges of cultures

Now people don’t just paint eggs

It will even make other transformations, such as making candles and the like

Crack the eggshell, drop in candle oil and put on the candle line

The finished egg candlesticks are still very nice to decorate with petty bourgeoisie

4 Non-woven Handmade Flower Easter Eggs


There are many ways to decorate eggs

Can be made according to the existing materials at home

Non-woven fabrics are often used as a variety of artificial handcrafts

And it is loved and welcomed by many big and small friends

Use non-woven fabric to make some handmade flower decoration eggs

Show the colors and flowers of spring better through Easter eggs

5 printed eggs


Interesting is the life pursuit of many of us

Even making Easter eggs should be interesting

Print directly on the egg, as a three-dimensional greeting card

Make it into a small gift box and give it to your friends, it will be super impressive

Rubbings can be printed on eggs as shown in the picture

You can also directly use a brush to write some artistic words

Write all kinds of blessings such as getting rich, koi, good health, etc.

6 sequin eggs


Shiny things are always particularly eye-catching

Children are also especially attracted by the various sequins

Or just use them to decorate Easter eggs

Although the practice is not challenging at all, directly paste the sequins

But the face value is very high as a photo background is still very desirable

7 flower eggs


Spring is the season of viewing flowers, the flowers are blooming, so happy

Many people will pick up or pick a few flowers to take home

In addition to inserting it into a vase for appreciation

It can also be printed on eggs as a game for Easter

Let these easter eggs become romantic and beautiful

8 felt eggs


Many people like the cute stuff made of felt

But in addition to making cute animals or plants such as cats and dogs

It can also be used directly to decorate Easter eggs.

If you have some felt cloth and related materials at home

Follow the steps in the text to make your eggs more distinctive

9 strawberry egg ornaments

Strawberry is sweet and is a fruit that many children love

The red color also makes strawberry one of the common themes for handmade

Make a Strawberry Easter Egg Ornament to decorate a classroom or home

Not only does it add a festive atmosphere, it’s also super easy to make

You can prepare some foam eggs and paint them with red acrylic paint

Then use green non-woven fabric to make some green leaves as shown in the picture and paste them on

Dotted with white acrylic on the strawberries to make it more realistic

Finally put on the wool and hang it up, it feels like spring


10 animal eggs

All kinds of animal DIY is a new theme that children often play with

No matter what material can make new patterns

Even Easter eggs can be made into super cute animals

Prepare acrylic paints, brushes or oil-based crayons, etc.

Let’s draw the skin texture of various animals such as zebras, elks, and Dalmatians

You can also use colored paper, non-woven fabric and other materials to install the ears and tails

Draw cute facial features again

They are super cute rabbits, calfs and other animals.

11 party villain eggs

Move scenes from life into various creations

Make handmade or artistic creation more story-like

It will not only enhance children’s creative interest

It will also open up children’s creative thinking

Let’s imagine a scene for Easter eggs

It’s like they’re throwing a big party to celebrate the holidays

Let’s make some cute and fun party hats

Then draw a variety of cute expressions, let’s make up stories together

12 jeans eggs

Let the children use their imaginations as much as possible

Make the theme of Easter eggs more colorful

For example, this jeans card easter egg to be recommended at the moment

You can try to make it, it is novel and beautiful

Smudge the eggs into blue with paint

Paste the old jeans fabric

It seems that there is a small pocket on the egg

Then write a blessing card and put it in it, full of surprises


13 Emoji Pack Easter Egg

All kinds of emoticons occupy half of our social chat

Because of its wide use, emoticons are becoming more and more out of the circle

Become one of the common themes of children’s handmade creations

On the easter eggs, let’s also make a set of super cute emoticons

It is used for fun, super suitable and practical

You only need to prepare acrylic paint, non-woven fabrics, eyeballs, etc.

Let’s make various favorite and commonly used expressions such as joy, anger, sorrow and joy

14 Paper Cut Easter Eggs

Paper-cutting is a kind of play that children play from childhood to adulthood.

A piece of paper and a pair of scissors can change everything in the world

Cut out some flowers and plants with white cardboard and paste them on the eggs

Make decorations to decorate the desk, colorful colors, small fresh flowers and plants

It will make people feel brighter and happier in an instant



15 Easter Egg Flower Basket

Last week we introduced a variety of creative vases

In spring, the most unbelievable thing is the flowers

In addition to putting it into a vase, you can also directly use egg shells as props

Put small, fancy flowers like daisies in it

It will be a very beautiful scenery if it is placed on the whole wall.

Spend free time with these super cute Easter eggs

I hope these beautiful and creative ideas

Can bring children a colorful Easter experience

Maybe there are many setbacks and unpleasant things in our life

Find a suitable way to release your stress

Through this opportunity, let children observe the world around them more

To feel the beauty of nature, feel the joy of doing handicrafts

Keep these beautiful moments and accompany your children to spend a happy childhood



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