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The 10 best types of educational toys for babies aged 0 to 8

Toys are an indispensable companion in the growth process of every child. Now that our living standards have improved and society has developed rapidly, we can buy various toys for children in the market, but which toys can play a role? What about the role of intelligence?


The normal development of every child is a systematic, complete and coordinated process. Their words and deeds are formed in different living environments. Genetic factors, physiological factors and social environmental factors are all important factors that affect children’s growth, and family factors are particularly important. In family education, people often overlook the role of toys that accompany children since childhood. If every parent can carefully choose the ideal toy that suits their children, then the early intellectual development of children will achieve good results.


The following introduces 10 types of enlightening toys suitable for infants and young children of all ages, which can be used for reference.


1. Ring Ring

A 3-month-old baby can play with the “Ring Ring” in one hand. They begin to experiment with the effects of touch, feeling, sight or taste. Touch it with your hands to experience how it feels on your hands; see the various colors of the toy with your eyes; The simplest toy of this kind is the first step in the baby’s development of intelligence.

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2. Ball

6-month-old babies are interested in everything that can move. The colorful balls that can roll are the most attractive to them. When you push the ball with your hand, it will roll forward. The baby will also crawl and chase the ball. If the mother can accompany It’s even better if they play together.

3. Building blocks

Babies of 8 months have already made a lot of discoveries. They already know toys, furniture and other utensils. They know that some objects are soft, some are hard, some are angular, and some are round. Facing the building blocks, the baby will start to use both hands to make the two building blocks make a sound; one stacked on top of the other will be higher than a single building block; and the building blocks can be stacked into many different shapes.

4. Composite shape box

This is a toy used to train children to observe the shape of objects. Through this toy, children can recognize that an opening of one shape only allows objects of the same shape to pass through; understand the different shapes of daily necessities, and this 18-month-old baby Toddlers are more suitable.

5. Playing with sand

All young children love to play with sand and water. Toddlers after 18 months have already learned that they can’t just stuff everything into their mouths. At this time, they can provide various small tools, such as small shovels, small rakes, small buckets, etc., to let them play with sand and let them pile up the sand. into various shapes and give full play to their creative abilities.

6. Doll

Two-year-old children have already begun to express their personality. At this point they are able to express their likes and dislikes. If there are doll toys, especially girls, they can treat the dolls like mothers treat themselves, wash, dress, feed, praise or blame the dolls for the dolls.

7. Stacking cups

For a two-year-old child, stacking cup toys are the most varied games. They can be stacked into towers, shrunk into a single cup, and small building blocks or other small things can be hidden in the stacking cups to find them. some. Through this type of play, children learn that there are things that are invisible to the eyes but actually exist.

8. Picture books

Two-year-old children have already known a lot of objects through eyes, mouth, and hands. If they can find the objects they know in picture books, how much fun it would be! Of course, parents can also teach children to know more through picture books things. Of course, this type of painting has simple lines and bright colors, so you can recognize what it is at a glance.

9. Toy car

By the end of the second year, the child can basically control all parts of his body, and can drive a “car”, fast or slow, or ride a “big horse”. If the “car” can also carry some of their own small toys, and they can act as transport drivers, it will be a lot of fun.

10. Dig Kit  toys

At the age of 3, children can play with toys with stronger hands-on ability. Digging toys can train children in many aspects:

    • Hand-Eye Coordination: Digging toys require children to use their hands to assemble the models, which requires hand-eye coordination.
    • Creativity: Children can use their creativity in the process of digging and assembling toys.
    • Reasoning ability: Children need to assemble according to the instructions, which requires them to have good reasoning ability.
    • Observation: Children need to observe each part carefully in order to assemble the model correctly.
    • Knowledge expansion: The instructions on the toy can introduce the biological knowledge of dinosaurs to children and increase their understanding of biology.
    • Patience: Assembling toys requires patience, and children can develop patience in this process.

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