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The children’s favorite archaeological excavation can actually dig out real gems and real fossils? ! line of digging toys.

Hi, everyone, I am EDUMAN, and today I will share with you a DIY archaeological toy for children. Archaeological DIY toys Toys are made by embedding toys that children like (mostly gems, dinosaurs, fossils of animals and plants, etc.) Find out the toys, some may need to be assembled, colored, etc.

Mining steps:

  1. Prepare excavation tools (tools are included in the toy box), and place a box under the gypsum block before digging to prevent the gypsum powder from being scattered around during excavation.
  2. Tap with a small hammer, brush off the powder with a small brush, and spray some water properly during the excavation process to avoid excessive dust.
  3. After the gems are dug out, clean them with a brush and wash them with clean water.

I recommend this toy because I found that when children play with archaeological excavation toys, they always invite their parents to participate, which directly increases the parent-child relationship. Finally, after the children complete the excavation work by themselves, they can also feel a sense of accomplishment when they see the gems they have harvested.

Children use excavation tools to dig, and through the gradual presentation of gems and fossils, it can bring children a sense of joy, a sense of accomplishment, and the idea of in-depth excavation, and then experience the fun of archaeological excavation and exploration. This hands-on operation Toys are conducive to the cultivation of children’s thirst for knowledge, hands-on ability and concentration.

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