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What kind of educational toys do children aged 3-6 play with?

3-6 years old is called the golden age of children’s growth. It is an efficient stage for children’s physical and intellectual development, and it is also the stage for children to start to establish contact with the outside world. Learning at this age is based on direct experience, in play and in everyday life.

Parents should cherish the unique value of games and life, create a rich educational environment, and maximize support and satisfaction for children to acquire the experience they need through direct perception, practical operation and personal experience.

Children’s physical functions such as hand-foot coordination and hand-eye coordination need to be gradually established and trained. Educational toys are one of the best training tools.

For today’s parent-child sharing time, we have selected 5 educational toys suitable for children aged 3-6, which will definitely benefit your children a lot.

In addition, we have won welfare prices for the children’s educational toys mentioned below, and the opportunity should not be missed~


1.【Cultivate manual brain ability】

Interesting steam technology to make handmade equipment


Suitable age: 4-12 years

old Recommended: ★★★★

Degree of difficulty: ★★★

It is a good thing that children love to explore. The key is that as parents, we should not kill the interest of children.

Take a few minutes to accompany your child to conduct a small science experiment so that the child can learn while playing. Hands-on experiments can not only exercise children’s hands-on ability but also promote their thinking, which will undoubtedly be of great benefit to children’s future learning.

288 little experiments let children unlock more new knowledge.

For example, the principle of water 3D holographic projection, simulated submarine volcanic eruption, crystal jellyfish silk, candle water absorption (siphon principle), pharaoh snake, launching cannonballs, happy birds, bionic manipulators, transforming into small dinosaurs, artificial snow, making children by yourself Favorite water sprite…

Of course, the quality and safety of children’s toys is the most important thing. This set of experimental equipment only uses recyclable materials. The raw materials are pure, free of heavy metals, and have no peculiar smell.

The reagent bottle design not only makes storage safer, but also prevents moisture and facilitates multiple access.


Be sure to wash your hands before and after the experiment to keep it clean.

All experimental materials are for experiment only, parents please take good care of children to avoid eating them by mistake or using them for other purposes.

Properly dispose of the residue and waste liquid after the test to avoid skiing suddenly in the home environment. If you have any questions, please consult in time.


2.Rainbow Experiment

Suitable age: 3-8 years old

A total of 17 scientific experiment exploration projects

Experiment 1

water into ice



Experiment 2

angry rocket

Experiment 3

invisible word

Experiment 4
shy candle

Experiment 6
walking animal painting

Experiment 7
magic liquid

What kind of water is this that you can ride a bicycle on the surface?

Why is it liquid when you touch it lightly, but it is solid when you pat it hard?

Experiment 8
magical sand

We all have the experience of playing with sand on the beach. Wet sand can stick together like mud and pile up into the shape we want.

But why is the sand in the rainbow experiment not wet?

Poured into water and gathered together like wax, scooped up, the sand was still dry.

Experiment 10
Dirty water becomes clean

What made the brown water slowly regain its clarity?

Experiment 12
magic pen


Experiment 13

5D projection

Why does a card make the jellyfish in the mobile phone three-dimensional?

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