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Dig Kits

Cultivating curiosity can let children to be creative, curious, and easy to accept new things. It can let the children have the courage to explore the unknown things, and no longer afraid to meet difficulties.

Geology &Fossil

To understanding the world, learning about history, the formation of stones. Through the observation of the stone, promote the growth of the senses (sight, hearing, touch).


Which can exercise children’s practical ability and creativity. It also can develop kids’ language skills and self-confidence. Work with parents, create good childhood memories for children.

Science &Experiment

Exercise brain ability: to develop independent thinking and thought sciences. Can learn to use different ways to thinking (associative thinking、logic dialectical).

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Dig Kits

EDUMAN has more than 15 years of research and development、 production and sales experience in the field of dig toys. This category is responsible by our company's professional R & D team.


Art & Crafts

Art & Crafts is EDUMAN's new category , designed by our company's professional design department. Produced, stored and transported by our own factory.



EDUMAN has collected mineral resources from all over the world, and has a very complete database of geological. Our products are also being promoted as geological teaching aids in the USA.



EDUMAN began design and production Science Kits in 2015. Research and development on the Science Kits category is our company's currently increasing.

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