5 scientific experiment toys, ready for children aged 4-8 to increase

Three subjects of “mathematics, physics and chemistry”

It’s a student’s nightmare

Many parents are also concerned

What should I do if my child can’t learn mathematics, physics and chemistry in the future?

In fact, these three courses have a characteristic:

The more you go to school, the more abstract the concept is, and it is not easy to understand

Therefore, only through textbooks and exercises

Naturally, it is difficult to understand its concepts and principles

If you can combine the difficult knowledge of science and technology

Transformed into a fun and never boring game

Isn’t it easy for children to understand?

Science experiment toys can do it!

Children play while learning about scientific concepts and principles

Build a visual understanding

In the future, learning mathematics, physics and chemistry will naturally be handy

Today “EDUMAN” introduces to parents

5 Star Toys for Science Experiments

With them, learning is no longer painful!

Snap Circuits is a series of American puzzle brand Elenco® Electronics, and the circuit set is its star product, which has been selected as teaching aids by many schools:

The set contains 32 plastic blocks with electronic components and comes with 1:1 color circuit diagrams and instructions. Each component is divided into different colors according to the category:

The components are connected by snap buttons, which is easy to assemble and disassemble for children, and the safety is also high.

According to the instructions in the manual, children can use these components to assemble more than 100 kinds of electronic products, such as alarm clocks, radios, doorbells, burglar alarms, etc. Do-it-yourself assembly of connecting wires, slide switches, speakers, etc. into a circuit:

The official recommended age of this toy is over 8 years old, but many children aged four or five in the United States will also play it. With such a toy, is the child afraid of not being able to learn physical circuits?

Seeing the first toy, most people think it is for boys, while girls seem to only play with toys like play house. Roominate Studio broke people’s stereotyped perception and created a circuit toy for girls:

It infuses girls’ favorite play house toys with science education elements. Girls can use the tools in the set to install electrical appliances for the dollhouse – moving elevators, glowing lights, rotating fans, etc.

Any household equipment can be realized, and this kind of play house is more real and cool. While understanding circuit knowledge, it can also help children improve their problem-solving ability and spatial thinking, and their self-confidence and creativity will also be better. Because of the small parts, it is officially recommended not to be used by children under the age of 3.

Chemistry is a subject that is closely related to life and full of magic. It emphasizes observation and operation, and just learning book knowledge is not enough. This set of Buki France chemistry laboratory toys allows children to feel the charm of chemistry in experiments:

In this set of toys, the basic tools needed for chemical experiments are included: test tubes, measuring cups, tweezers, goggles, etc., professional and safe:

Using these tools, children can perform 75 different chemical experiments, and the materials needed are also very common household items, such as salt, vinegar, etc.:

Which acidic pH can be extracted from water and orange juice? How do clouds form? How to float heavy objects? The results of these questions can be found through experiments, and children can easily fall in love with chemistry~ Because it involves chemical experiment operations, it is officially recommended for children over 8 years old to use this toy.

Science experiment toys are not just for boys, girls can enjoy them too. Goldie Blox, a toy company that aims to inspire a new generation of female engineers, and its spinning machine is a mechanical toy for girls:

It can be seen that the design of this toy is very beautiful, the color is rich, and the shape is also very cute. It also comes with a storybook. The protagonist is a little girl who loves engineering structures and is full of curiosity, Goldie:

In this kit, kids can follow Goldie as she builds a spinning machine and helps her puppy Nacho chase its tail. The official recommended age for this toy is 4 years and up.

According to the guidance of the storybook, children can build a variety of conveyor belt mechanical structures, understand the application of this structure in real life, and help girls build spatial and mechanical thinking, and solve problems more confidently.

The higher the mathematics learning, the higher the requirements for children’s spatial and probabilistic thinking ability. MindWare’s rolling maze building block is a creative building block toy that combines aesthetics and spatial probability concepts:

It consists of 72 cubes of five different colors and 20 steel balls, each cube is not only the same, children need to build and design their own maze, observe the walking route of the steel ball:

In this process, children need to use their imagination to train hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, three-dimensional structure and aesthetics, which are very helpful for children’s learning of mathematics and physics. Because of the small steel balls and other parts, this toy is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Although the study of mathematics, physics and chemistry is relatively difficult, it can let children understand how the world works, how technology has changed the world and the way we live, so no matter boys or girls, parents should pay attention to children’s thinking in this aspect!

Science experiment toys are full of exploration fun

Learning while having fun

Sister Koukou and Sister Guagua also did an experiment today

Simulate a volcano erupting at home

The experimentation process was amazing!

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