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For more than half a month, Eduman has been obsessed with the selection and trial of various gifts. Thanks to work reasons, there are many educational toy brands and suppliers on hand. It just so happens that Eduman prefers educational toys, so he wants to Come over, count the number is really quite a lot, there are 12 models.

Not to mention, Eduman returned to his childlike innocence after playing, and he couldn’t stop at all. He was brain-burning and happy, especially decompressing. The children had a great time playing, and gave me some feedback while playing.

After trial play and evaluation, Eduman selected the best of these 12 models, and picked out 4 top-notch special recommendations:

Lami: A world-class classic board game, a master of mathematical thinking enlightenment, the whole family can play together.

Brain Link: The process of playing is to do gymnastics for the brain, and you can also play against your family and partners. It is an absolute social artifact.

Compassion with Love: Fun, fun, ultra-portable, early enlightenment of graphic thinking.

Super Huarong Road: Every time you challenge a level of thinking, you will advance, and the more you play, the smarter you will be.

It can be said that these toys have nothing to choose in terms of intelligence, fun, portability, and cost performance.

“Rami” Deluxe Edition

American gifted class children are playing

It is this Rummikub that makes Dad Chang and Xiaochang want to stop the most.

Have you played mahjong during Chinese New Year? The atmosphere, the joy, everyone understands it, the authentic Chinese quintessence~ But if a child wants to go to the poker table, most of them will be kicked out by their parents.

The rules of Lami are very similar to Mahjong, known as “Israeli Mahjong”, but the style of painting is much more friendly to the people, and it is most suitable for the whole family to play together.


Moreover, its status in the board game industry is at the hall level, and it has been popular for more than 70 years, and there is even a World Series specially organized for it!

It is a proper educational style, which is very suitable for children to play and let children become smart in happiness.

Children as young as five or six years old, up to centenarians

Let the whole family play together

Just as the Jews are known as a wise nation, this board game also exercises children’s concentration, logical thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills. It is brain-burning and interesting. It is a board game played by children in American gifted classes.

Many of the post-90s and post-00s in the company are senior fans. In order to choose gifts for the post-10s at home, Eduman also caught up with the fashion and played against them (nearly won~).

5 minutes to get started, the rules are simple and easy to use

The rules of Lami are a bit cumbersome to write, but they are actually very easy to learn. You can learn them in 5 minutes.

What is Ramy?

There are 4 sets of “1 to 13” number cards (two sets each of red, black, orange, and blue);

There are 4 kinds of wild cards (2 cards of each type, 8 cards in total);

There are 4 card holders, which can be played by 4 people, 2 or 3.

Rules of play

Each player starts with 14 cards and puts them on his card stand, and then he has to quickly play the cards in his hand to form a sequence or group. Whoever finishes his cards first will win.

(1) Shun group, that is, 3 or more consecutive numbers of the same color. For example, 7, 8, and 9 in the figure below.

(2) Groups are the same number with different colors, and the number must be 3 or more. For example, 3, 3, 3 in the figure below.

observe, create, combine

Mathematical thinking comes out

As an educational board game, playing Lami to cultivate children’s mathematical thinking is the only magic weapon to exercise logical ability and concentration. Addition, number sequence, splitting, permutation and combination, and strategic layout can all be exercised.

Let’s look at a few examples:


Addition practice

The rule of Lami is that the first card is played, that is, the sum of the numbers on the cards is greater than or equal to 30. Isn’t this just addition, and the child has to calculate it by himself.

For example, in this set of cards, 13+13+13=39.

You see, invisibly, the child voluntarily does addition in order to play cards, or does it continue to add. Mathematical calculations like this are everywhere in the game of rummy.


The ubiquitous number sequence practice in playing cards

If children want to win, they must combine the cards in the card pool with the cards in their hands. There are many ways to play, each of which exercises the child’s concept of number sequence.

To give an example: like adding cards, if there are black 3, 4, 5, 6 in the card pool, then the 7 in your hand can follow.

This is essentially playing with numbers on the basis of understanding the concept of rules, and the inflexible mind can only stare blankly.


A variety of mathematical thinking in wild cards

The addition of wild cards will make the situation more chaotic and add more playability. Let’s expand on it here, and put a few pictures for everyone to feel:

wild cards

(replacing the blue 4 to form a straight)

double wild

(One can be used for two purposes, here can represent the blue 4 and 5)

Mirror all-match

(The two sides have to look like a mirror, and the two sides form exactly the same cards)

Color-changing all-match

(Top a number, but also make the following cards become the desired color)

In short, children have to be very focused, and their brains are constantly active and calculating. The brain power spent is not weaker than doing oral calculations, which is brain-burning and exciting. Exercise children’s mathematical thinking properly.

From shallow to deep, children of different ages play different ways

Lami is played in a variety of ways, and children can play it at the age of 5.

Children who are five or six years old before school can play according to the most basic rules; children in the first and second grades of elementary school can add some wild cards; children in the third grade and above can play normally.

“Brain Link”

Fight with family and friends

As the children grow up, when parents choose things for him and children as old as him, they should not only be fun and educational, but also consider whether they can be linked and played together.

Only by saving some value from time to time in the parent-child relationship and renewing the fee, can we continue to love and kill each other. Moreover, he can also play with his classmates and friends, which is a proper social artifact.

This “brain link” is very suitable for Dad Chang’s needs. The biggest highlight is that it can be played by multiple people. Each person has a chessboard. Up to four people can play together, two or three people can also play.

Of course, if you don’t compete, you can play by yourself.

As the name suggests, “Brain Link” really uses the brain to connect the routes between the entrances and exits on the game board, which can exercise children’s spatial concept, reverse logical thinking and mathematical model thinking.

The way of playing is a bit similar to “Huarong Road” at first glance, but the rules are more detailed and more requirements are required.

When Dad Chang tried to play, he found that it is definitely useless to play blindly. You have to have a route in your heart, a plan in your mind, and patience to make it happen. Isn’t that what parents want their children to be?

Next, let’s talk about how it plays?


Play by yourself, not only puzzle but also kill time

Take out a matching card, and according to the requirements of the card, turn on the green dot on the game board. Next, move the pattern on the game board, and connect the two dots with a line to complete the level.

Pay attention, its difficulty is also increasing, and the secret is hidden in the card that gives you the question. Matching cards have 5 colors, from easy to difficult, followed by green, orange, blue, red, gray.

The red card can be done in about 1 minute.

As for the gray card, it was more difficult and more demanding, and it took a quarter of an hour to complete it.

In this way, children of different ages also have different emphases, such as green, orange, and blue cards, which can be handled by children over five years old, while the challenge version of red and gray cards must be over 7 years old.


Multiplayer battle, a social artifact for children

You can also choose a card and play against it with your friends.

Not to mention how tense the atmosphere was, the brain was running fast, and the fingers kept pulling. After a game, the emotions were tense and loose.

Wisdom and Love

No matter how long you play, you won’t get tired

The two rules introduced above are a little more complicated. Next, I recommend an educational toy from the world-renowned board game brand SmartGames. What they are best at is to show fun and educational features with the simplest rules.

This toy is simple and easy to get started, suitable for children over 5 years old, and can be played immediately after getting it.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to play:

There will be a box of toys and a book of question cards inside. Randomly open a question card, and the child first lays out a “complete” figure in advance according to the prompts of the question card.

For example, if we choose the 20th one, it will look like this:

The ultimate goal of the game is to form a complete “heart shape”. Children must judge how to place the remaining pieces according to the “incomplete” figure that has been placed.

A lot of fun

120 levels are upgraded layer by layer, full of challenges

Although the rules are simple and easy to use, don’t underestimate it.

It is very likely that after the remaining 9 pieces are spelled out, the last piece will not be able to get in anyway. With repeated attempts, children will be able to establish a rigorous construction logic, and their splicing ability will become stronger and stronger.

very puzzle

Improve graphic observation ability/spatial ability while playing

As an educational toy, it is natural to “learn by playing”.

When observing, children should combine the shape and structure of the remaining special-shaped pieces, imagine the infinite possibilities of each piece in the brain, and constantly rotate and adjust the direction and position of the pieces, so that the remaining parts can be spliced and combined tightly.

This is actually an extreme challenge to children’s concentration, problem-solving ability, graphic observation ability, and spatial imagination.

very portable

Pack and go, play anytime, anywhere

This smart love spell is easy to carry, the size is no more than two mobile phones. Look, isn’t it very small?

The whole family rushed to play “Super Huarong Road”

Super Huarong Road is an educational toy that children especially love

While waiting for dinner at the dining table, Kids also has to hurry up and have a game.

(I was so focused on the game that I didn’t even notice the sneak shot 😁)

Every time I accompany me to the office to work overtime, I rely on Hua Rongdao to kill time for my baby.

Huarong Road is a puzzle game, in the process of moving, children need to constantly conduct strategic analysis, fully exercise logical thinking ability, independent thinking ability, anti-frustration ability and concentration ability.


Easy to get started, children have a sense of accomplishment

Many children who have been “persuaded” by other models can also play very deeply when they come into contact with this model. Its entry-level only has a long slider, which is very flexible, and it is easy for children to pass the level and gain a sense of accomplishment.

(The entry is simple and easy to use, and the child is full of sense of accomplishment)


511 question cards advanced, children have a sense of challenge

The built-in 511 question cards are divided into 7 difficulty levels, and you can become an “advanced player” after playing.

For example, the intermediate level is 3 strips, while the advanced level is 4 strips. Children can play every level and continue to stimulate the desire to conquer.


Magnetic adsorption feels smooth, children have a sense of play

The chess pieces of Super Huarong Road are all magnetically adsorbed to the host, and the sliding is super smooth, and the mechanical sound of “咔咔咚” is particularly exciting, and it is very enjoyable to play!


Many parents can’t help itching their hands and trigger a toy battle with their children. A warm reminder, it is best to buy two, and you can also compete with your parents and children.

For the Children’s Day, Super Huarong Road also has a special gift, including a set of fingertip puzzles and 4 themed stickers.

Finally, Eduman sums it up:

Lami and Brain Link is a new product selected by Eduman this time. The biggest feature is that family members and partners can play together (up to four people can play together), and it is a great exercise in mathematical logic thinking.

Love Fight and Super Huarong Road are very suitable for children to play by themselves, or you can enter two at the same time to compete in the same field. Very portable, you can take it out to play at any time when you go out. It is a popular product that has been verified by countless regular fans. Not much to say, you can enter it with your eyes closed.

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