90% of children are addicted to digging toys! Digging dinosaurs and gems at home during the holidays can improve children’s concentration.

This time, I bring a very different toy to the children of dinosaur fans. The children need to dig out dinosaur fossils bit by bit from the stones by themselves,

wash them and then splicing the bones into a complete dinosaur. Set of beautiful gems.

Science Cans Dinosaur Fossil Digging Set

This set of dinosaur fossil excavation toys includes archaeological gems, mountain bases, dinosaur skeletons and a full set of excavation tools,

and the dinosaur skeletons are shrunk down according to the original proportion of dinosaurs.

It is a STEAM toy with a large age span for play development and is also recommended by experts from the Educational Toy Education Association.

It can exercise children’s hands-on ability and concentration, and requires patience and care when digging.

The stone just received does not know what kind of gadget is inside, it is full of possibilities like opening a blind box.

It is necessary to patiently tap and dig bit by bit with tools, cut open the stone, and splice the dinosaur model. The whole process is as interesting as archaeologists discovering and excavating fossils.

When you dig out a dinosaur skeleton, there will be a lot of money. Sense of accomplishment~

This dinosaur fossil excavation set comes from, which is a professional science education brand that focuses on the cultivation of children’s scientific thinking,

allowing children to develop various abilities through inquiry-based learning while playing.

The archaeological stones and dinosaur fossils are made of very safe ABS plaster material, and the base and tools are also made of safe ABS plastic material,

which has passed the national 3C certification, and parents can rest assured in terms of safety.

Eduman recommends that children over the age of 8 play, but I think children aged 4 to 6

who have a little hands-on ability can also play with the help of their parents.

Before playing, first spray some water on the stone to prevent the dust from flying everywhere,

and then use a small hammer and archaeological chisel to dig out the dinosaur bones one by one.

When playing, it can cultivate children’s hands-on ability, which requires concentration and patience to dig bit by bit.

If you see a little bit of dinosaur bone exposed, you must continue to dig out the rest more carefully and carefully.

After digging out all the dinosaur bones, use an archaeological brush to clean off the dust on the surface, and then wash it with clean water.

Then you can splice the bones into a complete dinosaur according to the included instruction manual.

In addition to digging out the bones of dinosaurs, you may also dig out other mysterious fossils~

There are 3 suits to choose from: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Cretaceous, and Mesozoic.

After each one is put together, it will be a super cool dinosaur skeleton!  Gem Digging Set

In addition to the dinosaur digging set, this time it also brings a gem digging set, which is also a STEAM toy.

It can dig out various gemstones from 3 more distinctive stones. It is very interesting to think about it!

This gem digging set contains 1 large mud block and 1 small mud block, and 8 gems are wrapped in the large mud block. Also comes with a base and matching archaeological hammer, archaeological chisel and archaeological brush.

Dirt blocks with gems inside will be prettier and more distinctive than the dino set. It is equivalent to a landform micro-world, and its shape is designed to simulate the geological wonders of the world.

It truly restores the shapes and characteristics of the three geological wonders of Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, Belize’s Great Blue Hole, and the American Stone Wave. It not only allows children to increase their knowledge, but also enjoys the fun of digging gems and exploring the hidden features of different geology Natural gem stone.

The official recommended age is over 6 years old, but if children aged 3~6 have enough hands-on ability, they can also dig gems with the help of their parents.

When digging, every step needs to be careful, especially when you see that the gem has been exposed a little, you have to dig it out more carefully and cautiously.

Each large mud block can dig out 8 different gems, and each gem is a natural ore that has been polished and polished by hand.

A teaching plan manual compiled by professional professors will also be attached, which records the characteristics and information of each stone in detail.

After digging out all the gems, you can compare them with the above to see what type and name the gems dug out belong to.

You can also take the unearthed gems and follow the attached world wonders treasure hunt map to learn about the

location and information of special landforms in the world, and gain more interesting new knowledge.

The base can also be used as a box for dual purposes. It can be used to fix stones when digging, and can be used as a collection box for gems after digging out.

After digging out all 8 gems and putting them in the collection box, it is a very meaningful collection. When you see it, you will feel a sense of accomplishment!

It is recommended to place a relatively large piece of paper or cloth under the base when digging, so that the desktop can be cleaned more conveniently and quickly after the gemstones are mined.

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