What toys to send to children aged 4-12 to develop intelligence and hands-on ability?

What toys to send to children aged 4-12 to develop intelligence and hands-on ability


Many parents took their children to the museum during the holidays, and the children were amazed when they saw the large fossil skeletons of dinosaurs. Although they had seen dinosaurs on TV, it was quite a shocking scene to actually see them.


In addition to the huge dinosaur skeleton, there are also some restored life scenes of dinosaurs on display. The children stared blankly and couldn’t move their legs.


Dinosaurs are very distant ancient creatures to us, but today, many children are its fans.


Children are curious about dinosaurs, from dinosaur picture books to dinosaur toys, it can be said that 90% of children like dinosaur-related peripherals.


When I brought home this scientific canned dinosaur fossil excavation set, I heard that the dinosaur fossils were hidden in the archaeological stone, but the child was so happy that he couldn’t wait to hold it and unpack it.


Imagine that a lively and mischievous child at home encounters a dinosaur fossil, but can patiently tap and carefully knock on the archaeological stone, and then carefully knock and assemble it, which is enough to prove the charm of dinosaurs.

The small excavation tools are fully equipped: base + archaeological stone, an archaeological hammer, an archaeological chisel, an archaeological brush, a small watering can, and a knowledge manual, as long as you open the box, you can start digging!

The large base of the mountain is used to put archaeological stones in the base and use small tools to excavate, so it can well store most of the residues. If you are worried about small powder flying out during the excavation process, you can lay paper under the base. .

Use a chisel and a hammer to strike from the edge of the archaeological stone first, the stones are easy to fall off, and the excavation speed is accelerated.


This kind of “destructive” playing method of tapping is simply the favorite of children!


Use the matching small tools to dig out the plaster patiently and find the dinosaur bones hidden inside, which not only satisfies the desire for destruction, but also satisfies the curiosity of exploration and discovery. There will also be a sense of accomplishment when digging the skeleton. This process is enough for children to play with it for a long time.


Use a hammer and a chisel with your little hands, knock and smash, use a small brush to gently sweep away where there is a lot of powder, and spray water properly with a small watering can, which can soften the archaeological stone and make the excavation process much smoother.



Excavating dinosaur fossils by simulating an archaeological site can not only exercise children’s hands-on ability and observation ability, but also cultivate their interest in science.


This dinosaur fossil excavation set comes from Science Can, a science education brand that focuses on the cultivation of children’s scientific thinking, allowing children to develop various abilities through project-based and inquiry-based learning methods during play.

During the whole process of having fun, the parents are not tired at the same time. The children dig by themselves, find out the small fossils one by one, and slowly uncover the mystery of dinosaur fossils.



If you see a little bit of dinosaur skeleton exposed, you should be more careful to dig out the rest, exercise your child’s patience and hands-on ability, and experience the fun of archaeology and finding clues by yourself!

During the excavation process, if you are lucky, you may soon find dinosaur fossils, perhaps shell fossils, conch fossils, ammonites, and some small fragments of dinosaur eggs.

After all the fossils are found, use a brush to sweep off the excess powder on the fossils, rinse and dry them with clean water, and then you can assemble a complete dinosaur by hand!


This archaeological stone and dinosaur fossils are made of very safe ABS plaster material, the base and tools are also made of safe ABS plastic material, and have passed the national 3C certification, which is safe and guaranteed. Parents can rest assured to let their children play.





By the way, the dinosaur fossils are scaled down according to the skeleton of the real dinosaur. Follow the instruction booklet to restore the dinosaur skeleton. On the base as a permanent collection.




The manual also records the location and age of dinosaurs. It is compiled by a professional science teacher, and the color pages are displayed with pictures and texts, which is convenient for children to read and learn more about dinosaurs.


Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Pterosaur… Curious little archaeologists, start your dinosaur exploration journey now!




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