The Easter bunny is so fun to play with, 5 creative DIYs to do with your baby!

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April 17th is Easter this year

Easter, also known as Bunny’s Day by many people

In many countries, rabbits are regarded as messengers of gods

In eastern China, in mythology, the white rabbit is also accompanied by the fairy Chang’e on the moon.


Whether it is a fairy tale or a real rabbit

They are loved by many people for their cute appearance

Today, just follow us and make all kinds of rabbits for fun

5 kinds of rabbit ideas and an art painting toy developed by our company, you can make it with your baby these days.

1. 3D confetti bunny card

Colored paper is a handmade material that many people have in their homes.

Make colored paper into three-dimensional rabbit cards

Both cute and practical, as a gift for friends

It can also strengthen the friendship between each other.

First paste a big circle on the white cardboard

Cut out a small circle and paste it on the position shown in the picture

Cut out the rabbit head on another cardboard and paste the eyes

Use a brush to draw beards, small mouths and other parts

Roll up the paper on both sides and stick it with solid glue

Cut out the rabbit’s iconic long ears and stick them on

Paste the prepared rabbit on a large round piece of paper

Finally cut out two small oval pieces of paper

Use a brush to draw the paws as rabbit feet

Make more and write blessings on the back of the card

Give it to neighbors or beloved friends

2. Toilet paper tube bunnies

Because of the epidemic, many people are trapped at home

In addition to stocking all kinds of food, toilet paper, seasonings and other daily necessities

Don’t ignore it, and the used paper tube can also be used again

On the occasion of Easter, make some paper tube bunnies

Various ways to play paper tube rabbits, follow the steps below to make them

First draw a rabbit head on the paper tube with a pencil

Cut it along the drawn line

Paint with acrylic paint in your favorite color and let it dry

Decorate with brushes or decorations such as bright beads and pompoms

Can also be made into some small gift boxes

Put candies, chocolate beans, lollipops, etc. in it

Then use a brush to draw the facial features, and paste the ears made of colored paper

And a super cute pompom tail and you’re done

If you have some twisting sticks at home

How about trying to make rabbit whiskers out of them

Put on the almighty movable eyeball and pompom nose

The finished bunny paper tube can also be used as a storage tool

Paste multiple paper tube rabbits on the express cardboard

It is super suitable for various small utensils such as colored pens and scissors


3. Plastic Bottle Rabbit Gift Box

Don’t throw away plastic bottles after drinking all kinds of drinks

Let’s learn the ideas in the text and make a little rabbit gift box

In addition to putting all kinds of snacks, it can also be used as a flower pot

Let’s plant some grass, succulents, cacti and other plants

Still draw the rabbit head first with a marker pen

Cut it out and paint it with white or other color acrylic paint

Make a round hole on the left and right sides and put on the twist rod

Then use a brush to draw the rabbit’s facial features, rabbit ears, etc.

A small and exquisite rabbit plastic box is complete

4. orange bunnies

Orange is a fruit that many people love to eat

Before eating, you can also play with a little ingenuity

For example, make the little rabbit in the picture, it will make the baby happier

First cut out the pointed ears of the rabbit on the white paper

Then cut out the shape shown in the picture on the pink colored paper and paste it

Paste the rabbit ears on the orange with solid glue

Use pompoms or cotton balls as tails to attach to the back

Cut out the rabbit’s beard with white paper

Use a pink pompom as a nose and stick it in the middle of the beard

You can also use a marker pen to draw round bunny eyes

If you have a children’s theme party

May wish to do some such small creative transformations on various fruits

Let the children jump for joy when they see them


5 carton bunnies

Most people have all kinds of cardboard boxes at home

Especially online shopping has become a habit of modern people

Cardboard boxes are the items we often deal with, so don’t throw them away

Let’s make various storage boxes or other small toys

Learn the ideas in the article and transform the carton into a bunny

Put your child’s favorite things or various snacks in it

Although it is also a kind of storage, it can better decorate the surrounding environment

Use lovely handwork to tenderize the family’s years

Every moment spent with the baby may become the future

The fondest memories when children reminisce about their childhood

I hope everyone can like today’s little rabbit handmade ideas

Also welcome to share more with friends in need around you

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