These toys are so fun to design! Fun and educational!

Children’s educational toys play an important auxiliary role in children’s growth and development. The innovative design of modern children’s educational toys should follow design strategies such as scientific and safety design, motivational demand design, interactive experience design and functional combination design.




This toy makes it easy for kids to learn about the logic behind electronics, coding, and the complex world of technology. By connecting elements together in different combinations, children can create circuits and virtually make their own computer programs.




Set is a board game for boys and girls that teaches children about the growth stages and natural processes of crops. Each player tends their own plants until they bear fruit. To do this, it is necessary to learn what it means to sow, water, feed and protect, thus bringing them closer to the real cultivation process.




Children’s building toy design

Give me such a set of toys, my stereo will be great!




Game of dinosaurs

Game of dinosaurs is designed for connoisseurs (aka kids with a passion for those amazing creatures). Did you know that the people who know the best about dinosaurs are 4 year olds or the parents of 4?



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